Ethics meets Aesthetics

Ethics meets Aesthetics

We are not A sustainable BRAND. We are ethically responsible.

We do not label ourselves as a sustainable brand because fashion inherently thrives on consumption and newness, presenting a clear conflict with true sustainability. However, we are the most responsible version of ourselves. Our commitment is to make better choices every day, reducing our impact on society, animals and the environment.

With innovation and compassion, we prove that fashion can exist without being harmful. Our products forsake fur, wool, silk, feathers, and leather, embodying luxury and style without detrimental effects. We are committed to kindness towards animals, our planet, and ourselves.

Our approach is holistic, considering the environmental and social impact of every decision we make.
Miomojo, a brand based in Bergamo, Italy, is both a Benefit Company and a B Corp, dedicated to crafting the bags of the future, today. 

Our story is one of passion, compassion, and determination to disrupt the unsustainable status quo, hack the fashion system, and become the most responsible version of ourselves. By doing so, we contribute to transforming the industry for good. It is a story of drive and creativity, of millions of steps toward a more responsible and loving future. It is a story of finding new ways to create beautiful things that become a lifestyle. 

At Miomojo, we believe in a fashion and a world where ethics meet aesthetics.
At Miomojo, our dedication to craftsmanship is the cornerstone of every product we create, capturing the true essence of Italian excellence. 

Each bag is a testament to superior quality, meticulously and masterfully crafted in Italy’s renowned luxury production regions. We blend the rich traditions of Italian craftsmanship with forward-thinking innovation, ensuring every piece embodies the highest standards of Italian artistry. 

Our commitment goes beyond aesthetics, embracing sustainable practices that honor our heritage while looking towards the future. This approach ensures our creations are not only luxurious but also responsibly made, setting new benchmarks in the fashion industry.

Made in Italy


The Bags that save lives

The Bags that save lives


We act on our values. Activism is a vital element of what we do, fueling our every action. This is why our vision extends far beyond fashion. We advocate, volunteer, raise awareness, contribute, and give back. We dedicate 10% of our sales to support the most reliable and impactful animal welfare organizations worldwide. By partnering with these organizations, we contribute to various projects across different geographic areas, helping animals in need and protecting nature at large.

Miomojo is much more than a brand; it is a movement toward a kinder future. Kindness is what we need most.







Mercy for animals


Save the dogs


Capra libera tutti


We are doing things differently, and this path comes with many obstacles and a certain reticence, as it has always been with every innovation. We are in business to drive change, and we happen to do so by making bags. We are grateful for every organization that recognizes our groundbreaking efforts and shines a light on our work. Thank you.


We are proud to be honored with the Zordan Sustainability Award in 2022, a prestigious accolade celebrating companies that are “future-proof.” This award recognizes organizations that are not only reacting to the urgent environmental and social challenges of our times, but are also actively shaping economically sustainable models for the future. The 2022 edition of the Zordan Sustainability Award highlighted our commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.


We are honored to have received the 2021 PETA Vegan Fashion Award for “Best Vegan Handbag.” This accolade is part of the PETA Fashion Awards, which celebrate labels, style icons, and forward-thinking designers committed to animal-friendly practices. These awards acknowledge the significant strides made in the fashion industry towards eliminating the use of animal-derived products.


In 2023, we were thrilled to be recognized as one of Forbes Italy’s “100 Sustainability Champions.” This prestigious acknowledgment pays tribute to businesses that have excelled in integrating sustainability into their core operations, guided by robust Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) criteria. Each recognized entity, including ours, was assessed and given an ESG rating by Altis Alta Scuola Impresa e Società of Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore and Reprisk.

Miomojo. Designed Kind

Miomojo. Designed Kind


In the ever-evolving world of fashion, collaboration has emerged as a vital force driving creativity and sustainability. By embracing collaboration, fashion brands not only foster a dynamic exchange of ideas and fresh perspectives but also contribute to a more vibrant and responsible fashion system. At Miomojo, we firmly believe in the power of collaboration to challenge the status quo and offer new possibilities for artistic expression.

Alone we go faster, together we go further.
Miomojo Pinko Collaboration


We are very proud of the extraordinary collaboration with PINKO for the creation of the first, Love Bag Eva, an authentic work of art made entirely from Apple Skin. The iconic bag, the tangible result of this unprecedented partnership, is now available at over 100 exclusive boutiques worldwide.


Oxfam is a global movement dedicated to ending the injustice of poverty by addressing the inequalities that perpetuate it. We are honored to collaborate with them by donating thousands of pieces from our previous collections. Funds raised from the sale of this stock in their shops across the UK and Ireland aim to support crucial initiatives focused on gender justice and environmental sustainability.


We are delighted to join forces with PETA, a leading organization in promoting animal welfare and ethical practices. This ongoing collaboration represents our shared commitment to creating cruelty-free and sustainable fashion options. Our limited edition Miomojo | PETA Germany Angelica Crossbody bag, crafted from eco-friendly corn-based material, exemplifies this dedication.