Ethics meets Aesthetics

Ethics meets Aesthetics



B Corporations (B Corps) are businesses dedicated to benefiting all people, communities, and the planet.

What sets us apart is our commitment to a purpose that goes beyond profit, aiming to tackle societal challenges and create positive impacts. With only 8,000 companies worldwide holding this prestigious certification, B Corps are leading the way in transforming the global economy to be more inclusive and sustainable.

Impact Report

At Miomojo, we are deeply committed to responsibly managing the resources we use and minimizing our impact on people, animals, and the planet. Our dedication goes beyond mere sourcing and production; it includes taking responsibility for the entire lifespan of our accessories. Our 2023 Impact Report showcases our efforts in driving positive change throughout our business. We focus on three main areas: pioneering innovative product developments, engaging collaboratively with our supply chain partners, and actively supporting global organizations that heighten awareness about the significance of our choices. This comprehensive approach ensures that our commitment to sustainability is reflected in every facet of our operations.


We believe that the future of fashion is circular – it will be designed to restore and renew, so the clothes we love never become waste. A circular economy means we must stop using up limited resources and find ways to eliminate waste from the system. Changing the current linear model requires a big shift, with everyone in the fashion industry working together with strong commitment and creativity. We see this as an exciting chance to build a sustainable future. 
At Miomojo, we never trash leftover items from our collections, unlike many major brands that destroy millions worth of merchandise, causing significant environmental harm. Instead, we donate these items to Oxfam, a global organization dedicated to fighting poverty. The funds raised from the sale of our donated items directly support Oxfam’s initiatives, including women’s education, economic opportunities, and assistance for survivors of gender-based violence. By doing so, we embrace circularity—reducing waste and encouraging reuse. This effort not only gives our products a second life but also helps those in need.


At Miomojo, transparency is at the heart of everything we do. We acknowledge that we’re not perfect, but every step toward improvement matters. To demonstrate our commitment to transparency, we conduct comprehensive lifecycle assessments (LCA) for each product, measuring the impact of the entire production process from sourcing to the final product.

Our goal is to create a system where every resource that enters the production cycle is used and reused in endless loops, just like in nature. A cradle-to-cradle approach. This allows us to maximize resource efficiency, reduce waste, and overall environmental impact. We collaborate with partners and suppliers who share our vision of a Circular Economy, thus creating an entirely sustainable supply chain.

Our Impact

As it doesn’t need to be hard to understand, we made it simple. Water use, global warming, eutrophication* and resource use (fossils) were measured and the results were compared with its industry standard. We then used concrete impact equivalences (how many water bottles, how many driven kilometers, how many bulbs on…) to make our impact very transparent. Here are the annual data (2022) on the environmental impact reduction of our production thanks to the use of innovative and recycled materials.
*Eutrophication: Accumulation of phosphates and nitrates released by the use of pesticides, fertilisers, detergents and other chemicals in an ecosystem. The increase in their concentration in water bodies leads to algae proliferation, altering the ecosystem and reducing its biodiversity.


Our commitment to sustainable packaging materials aims to minimize the use of packaging and, where unavoidable, to maximize the use of recycled, reusable, and recyclable materials, aligning with circular economy principles. This commitment extends to all customer-facing and transit packaging.
Our packaging is made from FSC-certified recycled cardboard or biodegradable materials derived from organic corn starch. We continue to explore innovative solutions to reduce, reuse, and recycle packaging materials, working in collaboration with suppliers a partners to adopt sustainable practices across our entire supply chain. Currently, we are developing a system of infinitely reusable packaging, experimenting with reusable packaging solutions specifically for e-commerce. These packages, made from recycled PET or PP, are designed to be easily folded and returned to the sender by the end user, functioning almost like a postal envelope.
Our ultimate goal is to achieve zero waste packaging, providing our products without any packaging destined for disposal.


For all our deliveries, we are proud of our partnership with the DHL GOGREEN+ program, reinforcing our commitment to sustainability. This initiative allows us to significantly lower our carbon footprint by utilizing Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) for international air shipments. SAF is a groundbreaking eco-friendly alternative to traditional jet fuel, made from renewable resources like used cooking oil and agricultural waste, ensuring it does not compete with food crops or contribute to forest degradation.
Through the DHL GOGREEN+ program, our CO2 emissions are reliably calculated by an independent body accredited by the Société Générale de Surveillance (SGS), allowing us to provide transparent reports and certificates that detail our emission reduction achievements. This adherence not only aligns with our mission to support environmentally responsible practices but also allows us to include these reductions in our sustainability reports, demonstrating our active role in combating climate change.