Impact Report 2023

Impact Report 2023

Impact Report 2023



Despite living in challenging times on many fronts, we are pleased to share our 2023 progress with you, focusing on four main pillars: social impact, climate action and biodiversity, materials and innovation, and circularity and supply chain traceability. We remain a proud B Corp Certified company with a score of 80.8 points, and we work every day to get closer to our goal of 150 points by 2025. Miomojo will re-certify to B Corporation’s new standards in March 2025.

A note from THE founder

Miomojo was born from a deep motivation and intense soul-searching journey, a long quest for understanding my purpose. Today, I can proudly say that Miomojo represents my Ikigai: that magical point where passion, vocation, mission, and profession intersect. It’s where what we love to do, what comes naturally to us, what is beneficial to the world, and the necessary financial recognition all meet. 
From the very beginning, our corporate values have been rooted in respect for all living beings and a profound love of nature, coupled with a profound appreciation for design and beauty. I firmly believe in the transformative power of beauty and dream of a fully ethical fashion system that safeguards everyone: humans, animals, and our planet. Exceptional ethical design can significantly contribute to creating a kinder world. 
We have been committed from the outset to creating a new business paradigm where profit and positive impact are intrinsically linked. As a B Corporation and leader in this emerging economy, we believe that businesses should be managed to promote well-being for people, all living beings, and nature. Through our products, services, practices, and profits, we aim to avoid harm and generate benefits for all. 
The very concept of luxury consumption is evolving in favor of a new, more conscious luxury. Now we aspire to products (luxury and otherwise) that have added value, that can transcend the present moment and connect to something deeper. True sustainability is respect: respect for humanity, respect for the environment, and for animals. Aesthetics and ethics can and must coexist. 
Our journey has not been without its challenges, particularly against the traditional luxury narrative surrounding leather. Despite the financial challenges of building an authentically ethical brand, we continue to explore innovative alternatives. We believe that material innovation will eventually offer solutions that surpass the offerings of virgin leather, aligning with our customers’ values and needs. Creativity and responsibility are paramount, far exceeding traditional luxury materials. 
I want to be able to answer future generations when they will ask, "What were you doing?" instead of lamenting that we lived through a time when we could have made a difference, but most chose to ignore it. We constantly strive to raise awareness about the biggest challenge of all times: climate change and the destruction of the natural world. This is not what a fashion brand normally does, and it creates more obstacles than not on our growth as discussions around these topics tend to be shut down, sidetracked, or silenced. Often it seems that the world outside — the thoughtless, concrete and metal, fume-choked, all-consuming human world — rumbles on, deaf to the warnings and unwilling to lift a finger. 
At Miomojo, we are determined to break this cycle. We are committed to being part of the solution, driven by a belief in a kinder, more sustainable world. Through our actions and our values, we strive to create a future where ethics and aesthetics seamlessly merge, proving that it is possible to have a positive impact on our planet and all its inhabitants.
Your support and encouragement mean the world to us as we continue on this journey.

Thank you for cheering us on!

- Claudia Pievani - CEO & Founder

Four Pillars

Our focus on sustainability has remained the same. Innovation continues to be the driving force behind where we position ourselves as a brand that is impacting and influencing the broader industry. We continue to make significant progress on reducing our impacts, but we know there is more work ahead. We are invigorated and hopeful that others in the industry and beyond will join us in pushing towards a brighter future.

Material Innovation

Our R&D team actively researches, explores, and tests the most innovative materials on the market, known as next-gen materials. These materials, which have a reduced environmental impact throughout their lifecycle, are derived from organic sources, thus eliminating the need for animal-derived resources and reducing overall resource consumption. Building on this foundation, we have added three new innovative materials to our collections, further expanding our range of sustainable options.

Supply Chain

Aa a certified B Corp, we meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability across various areas. This certification also underscores our commitment to continuous improvement in every aspect, especially throughout our supply chain. We persistently inspire and motivate our partners involved in the process to use more sustainable materials and collaborate on solutions to minimize waste in production, packaging, and logistics.


We are dedicated to shaping a sustainable future through mindful consumption, lifestyle choices, and education. We collaborate with like-minded innovators, activists, and organizations to champion eco-friendly and ethical practices in the fashion industry. Schools and universities are increasingly engaged with our mission, drawn to our proactive efforts to foster change. By expanding our involvement through workshops, events, lectures, and competitions, we aim to inspire and integrate more minds into our movement for a cruelty-free and sustainable future.


In 2023, we added a new animal welfare organization to the family expanding our reach and helping even more animals. We give 10% of our profits to important global animal welfare causes, educating people about the impact of their choices and getting hands-on with animal rescue efforts. By volunteering and sharing our story, we’re not just making a difference; we’re growing stronger in our mission. Every step we take is a step towards a better world for animals and nature, which are our support system for our life on Earth


Miomojo Foundation

Our future vision is profoundly ambitious and encompasses the establishment of the Miomojo Foundation. The headquarters will serve as a multifaceted hub, integrating our offices with our Research and Development (R&D) department, educational areas, and a rescue center, thereby uniting all aspects of our company’s mission under one roof. 
The Miomojo Foundation headquarters will be a hub of innovation and education. It will house our cutting-edge R&D department, driving sustainable and cruelty-free material development. This will be the core of our sustainable fashion efforts, fostering environmental and societal benefits. 
The headquarters will also feature educational areas for schools and universities to engage in hands-on learning, workshops, and seminars about sustainability and ethical fashion practices. 
A unique aspect of the Miomojo Foundation will be our rescue center, where employees, students, and visitors can help care for rescued animals and the land. This involvement will help us reconnect with nature and foster a deeper commitment to environmental stewardship. 
By combining innovation, education, and rescue, the Miomojo Foundation will embody our company’s values and vision, promoting a sustainable, ethical, and humane future. This approach ensures that our mission is experienced by everyone who visits.

Our SuperPower

Artificial intelligence suggests that by 2075, a vegan lifestyle will predominate globally, driven by the growing environmental awareness of Generation Z and Millennials who are increasingly opting for plant-based alternatives. 

At Miomojo, we run a cruelty-free business and lead cruelty-free lives because we act on our values. Our commitment to ethical practices extends beyond our business to our lifestyle, ensuring that everything we do aligns with our core beliefs. By integrating compassion and responsibility into both our business and personal conduct, we strive to create a better world for all.

The future indeed seems to be in our hands.