Made from Apple Made from Apple Made from Apple

UPPEAL is a pioneering vegan alternative to animal leather and exotic skins made using apple waste. An estimated 30,000 tonnes of apple waste are created in Northern Italy alone, which is otherwise sent to landfill or burned. This material is innovated by circularly using this waste to craft luxury alternatives to animal skins.

Vegan Bags, Made from Apple


Leftover apple pulp, skins and seeds produced in South Tyrol, Italy, that are otherwise sent to landfill or burned, are recovered, dehydrated and ground into a powder. This is mixed with roughly 40 percent polyurethane (PU) and applied to a tear-resistant roll of cotton fabric. The roll is then heated to produce a weather-resistant, durable fabric. Finally, the fabric is embossed to allow for different surface textures. And that’s it: this is how UppealTM is created.

This innovative material is the perfect replacement for similar materials (petroleum derivatives), but has a partially organic composition made from organic waste.