Grapes Leather is a grape-based vegan alternative to animal leather, sourced from the agricultural waste of wineries in Northern Italy. It is soft and versatile in technical and aesthetic properties, like thickness, finishing and texture, creating a luxurious cruelty-free alternative to animal leather without engaging in the impactful practices of traditional animal leather production.

Conventional synthetic materials are often fossil fuel-based and release harmful, toxic chemicals into the atmosphere during production. By using waste from the winery industry as a material source – known as industrial symbiosis – we are reducing our reliance on virgin synthetics. This material is not produced entirely from waste – but it is a great start.


This grape-based alternative to animal leather is crafted in Italy. The production process begins at Northern Italy vineyards, where the grape waste is collected – including the pulp, seeds, skin and stems. The waste is processed and mixed with vegetable resins and water-based polyurethane. The production process is also solvent-free, metal-free and free from dangerous and toxic substances harmful to humans and the environment.

Grapes Leather is produced on a Global Recycling Standard (GRS)-certified recycled polyester backing and contains a water-based polyurethane – this further reduces our use of virgin materials by using recycled inputs. It is made with more than 70% renewable products. Used in the fashion industry, this material is also innovated across the furniture and automotive industries – proof that there is a better way.