Banana Fabric is the world’s first-ever durable, waterproof and plastic-free fabric made entirely from banana plants, first launched in October 2018. Cultivated in the Philippines in a natural ecosystem without chemical treatments, it supports reforestation and local farmers and communities. The pioneering material innovation is vegan, 100% natural and plasticfree, made from naturally grown Abacá banana plants – a self-sufficient plant, meaning their growth requires zero intervention of pesticides or fertilisers.


The Abacá plant is abundant; it has several stalks that can be harvested once annually and that regenerate fully within a year. Abacá bananas serve as nutritious foods for surrounding biodiversity and its stalks can be turned into yarn – formulating the primary source of the fabric’s fibre.

Its tensile strength and durability enables it to produce a luxurious, high-quality, cotton-like canvas, while remaining entirely plastic-free and waterproof. Once
the stalks are harvested, the Abacá plant’s leaves naturally decompose, creating an all-natural fertiliser.

This method of production allows the Abacá banana plant to positively contribute to reforestation in areas of the Philippines that were once monocultural palm plantations. Instead, these spaces are now flourishing with biodiversity and natural life, whilst improving the livelihoods of local farmers.