Looking good, feeling good, doing good.

Fun, trendy and functional bags from a company that cares for YOU, for the ENVIRONMENT
and all BEINGS living in it. Choose Miomojo. Choose to be ethi-cool!


Poison free!

Ensuring the product you buy is not damaging you, our environment and any living beings on our planet.

That’s why every single processed material we use, is tested and certified by third-party independent
companies. Our accessories do NOT contain toxic, carcinogenic chemicals and substances.

These are the first steps in our journey to create products that are as non-toxic and healthy as possible
while being environmentally sustainable.

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Choose eco: it’s chic, it’s green, it’s soft, it’s the new black!

  • BAMBOO environmentally friendly, organic, anti-bacterial, chemical free, durable…we love bamboo!!
  • HEMP super natural, strong, smooth. One of the most eco-friendly fabrics in the world.
  • LINEN allergy-free, antibacterial, odour resistant and … oh so classy!

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Glamour italiano per tutti.
The latest fashion trends at your fingertips!

  • DESIGNED in our headquarters near Milano, Italy.
  • INSPIRED by the Italian fashion and design trends widely appreciated.
  • ETHICALLY PRODUCED in selected production facilities all over the world.

All this to give you a mix of exquisite style, unique design, good value, while being kind to nature.


We are here to serve you!

  • Do you want forever new attractive products to make the customers shopping experience
    ever exciting and keep your shelf-rotation high?
  • Do you need more time and energy to focus on specific category items?
  • Do you wish more support to reach your yearly budget goals?
  • Would you like a supplier who supports you through all the process, making your job
    uncomplicated and highly efficient?
  • Do you need to maintain good margin without affecting the sale prices?

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You buy – We give!

We at Miomojo have a big heart for animals and are very committed in doing our part to
stop cruelty to animals anywhere in the world and help whenever and wherever we can.

A donation is made for every single product you buy. To know more click here >>

Our products are obviously totally cruelty-free: No leather, No fur, NO angora, NO feathers
or any material sourced via the brutal exploitation of animals.

We love fashion AND we love animals!